MiFi V2.5


I want to upgrade to V2.5 of MiFi router. USB power switch is a big problem for me in V2.2.

How can I do this?

Battery must be purchased with router for battery connector?

LTE card must be purchased with router for LTE antenna?

Sorry, can you repeat your questions?

You can purchase batteries from other places.

You can purchase LTE card from other vendors as well.

I already own V2.2 with battery and EC25, but I want to upgrade to V2.5 to fix USB problem.

The website says that you cannot connect a battery unless you order with the battery since the PCB is different.

So, do I need to order the router with a battery? Will there be an LTE antenna be in the router?

Just order MiFi with battery without any 4G modules.

There is not LTE antenna in the router if no modules. But can you use the antenna of your order router?


Speaking of LTE antenna, I would like to buy some of the multi-band antennas found in the MiFi case. Where can I buy those? Can you sell those separately in your shop?

They are really good antennas. I would really like to put 2 antennas in each MiFi case for Main and Diversity antenna on the Quectel modem.

Does the antenna work good?

We don’t want to sell in our shop separately. There is too many items and we want less. But when you buy mifi you can ask the customer service if they could give you extra antennas.