Mifi with EC25-A AT&T USA connection

I just purchased the MiFi device and am trying to enable the modem for AT&T. I selected the defaults via the dropdown menu and selected /dev/ttyUSB2. The default APN is broadband with the username WAP@CINGULAR.COM and password CINGULAR1. The sim card is issued by AT&T for a business unlimited plan. In the Status display, I get Modem Connected followed by Connecting to the Internet. No signal strength indication at all. A blink on 3G/4G when device is switch on.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

An update. I ssh’ed into unit and it seems the unit is unable to read the SIM card. comgt fails as well as request sim’s CCID. The same card does work in other devices. Tried QMI mode. I do get get a wwan0 connection in ifconfig, but no connection.

@ Checking out wether the sim card is inserted the wrong direction. Before inserting sim card, you should power off the device.

I got a second unit in today. In that unit, I can read the SIM’S CCID. I went back to the first unit and now I can read CCID as well. Maybe I inserted sim with the unit powered. the program comgt reports a SIM error in either device. I do get a wlan0 device but no connection to AT&T. Firmware version is latest at 2.271. There is a selection for modem tools in this firmware and the list of all standard AT commands seem to work. Since the unit came equipped with a Quectel EC25-A, should I be using QMI mode with this device? I noticed that in the wlan0 device as seen by ifconfig, the RX and TX data bytes keep increasing, but no IP address is assigned. I suspect an APN error but I am using the default settings for ATT USA and either port /dev/ttyUSB3 or /dev/cdc-wdm0. So now, two units acting exactly the same. Neither connected to the ATT network. I will check with ATT and make sure the card is active, but I am sure that it is as it was used in another modem previously.

@edhorton_01 Does Automatic connect work?

Don’t know about Automatic connect. How do I try it?

Finally got a connection. ATT suggested using “broadband” as APN and no ID:PASSWD. Works and I get a 3g-modem device and IP address. Now own to my next quest. I would like to use one of these devices, no wireless AP, no additional WAN, just bridge 3g-modem to LAN port in bridge mode so that a firewall can be connected to the LAN port and use the assigned IP address that was given ti the 3g-modem device.

we have never tried bridging to 3G. Not sure if this is possible.

When I’ve searched for OpenWRT/LEDE bridging configurations, they usually tell you to just set up a DMZ, and turn off all the other stuff (DHCP/Radio/etc)

I’m not sure how much of a bottleneck would still exist after doing that.

You’re gonna want to use QMI to get LTE (wdm0). If the interface says “3g-modem”, it’s in USB mode, and in my experience, you’re not getting more than 20Mbps up or down with that configuration. My speeds jumped to the mid 40s down and low 30s up after making sure it was in QMI mode.