Mifi with EC25-V not allowed on Verizon Network

I’ve recently purchased some EC25-V modules for my mifi’s, however Verizon is telling me that while the Quectel modem is supported, the actual router is not, and they won’t allow them on their network:-( Any ideas?

The ISP can’t tell what router is being used, they can only do packet monitoring. One thing they do check for is the packet TTL. Windows and other devices have a different TTL than say Android, so they would know that it the device that the packet came from is tethered. You can bypass this by forcing OpenWRT to send the correct TTL, which for Android is 64.

Here is a link to how to set that up:

@Johnex are you sure the command is:
iptables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING -o 3g-modem -j TTL --ttl-set 64 ?

Isn’t the default mobile/3g/4g interface wwan0 now?



Don’t use tethered…

For Verizon - two things…

  1. SIM Card and the Billing Profile associated with it
  2. APN used to access their 4G-LTE network

That should get you pointed in the right direction…

Can’t help any more with QuecTel in general other than that.

Yes, they can… it’s not just packet monitoring, but they can detect upstream, that’s beside the point - OP needs to use the correct APN’s and connection method to attach to VZ’s LTE network.

The post is old and yes the interfaces changed, but i think you got the idea :slight_smile:

@sfx2000 There are a lot of ways to hide the router from the ISP, as it is done in Egypt and other places where they have extensive detection that changes daily and is a cat and mouse game. American ISP’s are far behind when it comes to detection, and changing the TTL should be enough to bypass tethering checks. The ISP’s don’t care if you use a router or not, they only care if you use it to share the data, as they have their own services for tethering where they want to take more money from you :slight_smile:

The problem is that the IMEI number from the Quectel was not loaded in their systems for some reason, so they asked what kind of router I was using. That’s when they said the gl.inet is not authorized to be used on their systems.

We don’t sell Verizon version of our device. If you use EC25-V, you must use a pre-activated Verizon SIM card and that is OK.

EC25-V is certified by Verizon but the IMEI has to be loaded to Verizon system by device manufacturer, not module manufacturer.

@alzhao Shouldn’t the EC25-AF work as well? Or does one have to purchase the EC25-V?

EC25-AF works as well.

@alzhao Thank you! I look forward to your findings regarding Verizon. Also, the speed seems a bit slow usually 10-15Mbps down… I would expect it to be higher, so perhaps some AT commands need to be issued?