Mifi with the EP06 modem - Message sending/receiving


I got the [GL-MiFi 4G Smart Router]EP06-E 4G EU/EMEA/AU/BR and I should be able to send/receive text messages with this router.
Only when I look at the tutorials there should be a “message” category below the Application section.
I don’t see this.

Must I maybe first install a Plug-in? when I search on SMS I get a lot of results. So can someone maybe tell me how I can get this work.
I got a 4G sim card with unlimited data, but after I have used 5Gb I need to request a new Gb per sms. Now I remove the sim from the router, put it into a phone and then top it up and then put the sim back in the router.

Hope someone can help me.

Already many many thanks

If you are not on the v3 firmware yet, update to it using this file:


After that follow this guide:

Hi Johnex,

I am already on v3 firmware (3.009) but still don’t see this option.

Do I need to install one of the plug-ins?

Thank you

You need to update to the newer firmware i sent you. The SMS feature was added after 3.009.

Hi John,

Installed the newer firmware (you send me) but still no Message option shown below Applications?
I got: Plug-ins / File sharing / Remote access and Portal.

And when my bundle limit is reached, I need to send a message to a number then I get more Gb available.
Also when my bundle is “empty” then I can’t access the router settings anymore. Even from my telephone with 4G connection it isn’t accessible? So now I need to remove the sim card, put it in a phone, top it up and then put it back in the router. But this isn’t workable for me, because if that happens during a test and I can’t request quick (within 30 sec) new Gb. then I need to start the test all over again :frowning:

So hopefully you can help me.

Thank you,

Sorry my mistake, the UI was changed somewhere in the updates, and the Messages is here:

Hi John,

No problem thank you for the print screen. I got the message menu there.

A big problem is when my databundel is “empty” I can’t access the router anymore. So then I am not able to send a message to the provider to top it up. So still I need to change the sim card to my phone (to top it up) and then put it back in the router.

When I then send a message to my telecom provider (via the router) I never get a message back.
I need to send it to 1280 with a special text.
When I use another text (on my phone) or ask for another 1GB I always get a message back. But in this case (via the router) I never get a message back so it looks like it doesn’t work correctly.

I only get a message from my provider when I used 50% and 100% of my bundle.

But as said the biggest problem now is when I don’t have any data left I can’t access the router.

Thank you for your help again.

There might be a bug there, the engineers should take a look this week.

@kyson-lok @alzhao

Hi John,

And do you then mean in the send/receive messages or in the fact that I can’t reach the router, when my data bundle is empty or both?

Thank you,

Sending to numbers like 1280 seems a bug.

But message and data should not have any relation with accessing the device itself. Is the UI just blank?

Hi Alzhao,

Do you know when you (or someone else) are going to work on the bug?

Yes I am getting a totally white screen or a time out error:

Deze site is niet bereikbaar

Het duurt te lang voordat reageert.

Probeer het volgende:


Thank you,

When this happens, you can plug in a cable to the mifi and it still can provide network, right?

I’d like to remote to you pc using teamviewer and check what is the problem.

No then it also doesn’t load.

And no problem tell me what to do so you can access my pc

and maybe that is because the fact that I can’t top-up my data bundle. so it is empty at that time and then I need t send a message to the provider to get another 1GB etc. etc.