Migrate settings from GL-AR750S-Ext (Slate) -to- GL-MV1000W (Brume-W)?

Hello All,
I have been a happy owner of a GL-AR750S-Ext Gigabit Travel AC Router (Slate) except for LAN-to-WAN throughput issues. I have gigabit internet connectivity and if I put a device on the LAN side of the AR750s, I am limited to around 300-450 megabits/sec, however, if I place the same device on the WAN side of the AR750s I can attain 980+ megabits/sec.

The reason for this posting, is that I would like to seamlessly migrate all of the settings from the AR750s to the MV1000W. I don’t currently use the WiFi aspects of the AR750s, so that, I only need to move the LAN IP & DHCP Reservation List, OpenVPN Server Configuration and certificate & keys, port forwarding rules & ports, DynDNS configuration, etc.

Does anyone have a suggested method to essentially and successfully backup the AR750s settings and restore them as appropriate/desired to the MV1000W?

Can I literally perform a “backup” on one router and “restore” it into the other one?

Thanks, in advance, for any help!

In Advanced menu ,you could to back up settings to a file,and restore to new router.

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First, the speed from WAN to LAN should be pretty fast. Are you using 3.105 firmware?

You should not back up settings and restore the settings in a different model. It is better just to set up manually.

Yes, the AR750s is running the latest production release v3.105 firmware.

The MV1000W has much higher throughput than the AR750s!

I was hoping to avoid performing a manual configuration of the new MV1000W router given I have the data from the AR750s…

I guess I can investigate the “tar.gz” backup file’s contents and write some scripts to read the AR750s data and format it into something I can use to configure the MV1000W via the command-line interface…

Thanks for the reply!

I know how to do, it just want to confirm that I will not break something in the process…


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