Mini PCI-E WLAN card on GL-AR300M?


I have a GL-AR300M and I absolutely love it. It works better than much bigger and expensive routers.

I would like to improve the WLAN performance by installing a Mini PCI-E card, which will be used to connect the router to another network as client and then using the internal one just for the AP network.

I opened the router’s case, but I noticed that the board doesn’t have a Mini PCI-E slot. I see on the website that there are 10 PCI pins; is there some sort of adapter I can use to connect a normal notebook WLAN card?

Thanks in advance.

We have a 5G module which fit into this slot.

Check this: 404 Page not found - GL.iNet

Is it a special module or a normal Mini PCI-E one, connected through an adapter?

it is a special module. Connecting through the 10 pins.

OK, thank you!

Have you already set a price for it?

We don’t see the module separately. but we pre-install and sell the router. For the price, please check the shop using the link below.

We don’t suggest you to install the module by yourself because that may make trouble.

Will you sell the module separately in future?

Installing the module may cause problems because it’s still in a experimental stage?

That can be an option. If you want to buy the module, just tell us.

I read that the module currently causes overheat problems with heavy usage.

Would it be a problem for me if I run it for some hours, without extra things and ethernet cables?

It all depends on the traffic on wifi. When the board is very hot you will observe it has dropping packages and because unstable.

Maybe it will be a a problem for me, because of the continuous Wi-Fi traffic.

I read on the AR300MD topic that the main problem is the case. What about releasing the 3D file(s) you used to assemble it?

It would be much easier for users and testers who want to try to design a better case. I could help too, as I have a 3D printer.

@BlueDav, sorry we won’t release the 3D of the case.

Could you at least provide the measures, please?

I would like to purchase the module only. I have the router. I take full responsibility for installing module and required software myself. How do I purchase the 5G module only shipped to UK?

I would also like to purchase, I have 3 routers and would love 3 x 5Ghz boards in the UK.

I am happy to fit and if I have to design my own 3D case I will.