Mini router yellow. Can’t connect to hotspot

I got this for the RV to go between the Google Chromecast attached to the TV and my iPhone 11 broadcasting the hotspot. It “sees” all the Wi-Fi in the area EXCEPT the Wi-Fi/hotspot from the phone (which is sending a good 2.4ghz signal - other devices see it and connect instantly). Tethering phone to the mini router isn’t working either.

I also can’t get it to synchronize with the Google Chromecast device.

Note the router does connect perfectly to my home Wi-Fi… but I don’t need it for that at all. It isn’t working for the intended purpose

Is it possible to identify the channel your iphone is broadcasting?

No idea why chromecast cannot identify it.

Yeah me neither. Iphone11 broadcasts 2.4z the phone automatically selects channel and that cannot be overridden, but it shouldn’t matter. This little box should see it regardless of channel.
The fact that it also doesn’t wok via tether concerns me… because this same phone doesn’t work via tether on another router (I tested it).
Stymied. Does anyone from the company see these posts?

@alzhao Is the CEO so yeah…

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I am using iphone 11 and MT300N-V2 and it sees the hotspot without problem.

To identify the channel you could use other devices e.g. your pc to connect to your phone’s hotspot to identify the channel, as you said other devices can connect.

USB tethering, you could give more details. Cannot get IP or got IP but no internet? If it is the later you should upgrade the firmware of the router.

Why would it matter what channel the iPhone is generating? Can’t your device seek all Wi-Fi on any channel?

For 2.4G wifi, different countries has different channel list.

This could be a reason. To solve repeater issues, this is a basic troubleshoot step.

I am STILL having no luck.

iPhone 11 tether
Want this mango router to go between iPhone and Google Chromecast device.
Cannot get this system to work together
Steps followed CAREFULLY 12x or more. No love

Understand your situation. But I have no clue

Umm can’t see it mentioned but is your Mango running firmware 3.105?. Apple did some weird things in IOS 14.x that mucked up tethering on multiple vendor devices. This was fixed by Gl.Inet in firmware 3.105. Worth checking at least for the tethering solution to see if that fixes that issue as Chromecast needs to be able to connect to the internet to operate properly.

I think channel is important for this issue, because I only could get connected to Iphone hotspot from channel 6 (Im not change channel from wireless setting tab, but from repeater scan). Oh yea I also disable the gl_health service from Luci interface but I don’t recommend that because its too tricky