Minim management

Notice that there’s an indicator on the B1300 product page that shows that Minim is now available.

My brief viewing reminds me of something like the Cisco Meraki interfaces and management.

Quick question, is the Minim firmware just the standard Gl.iNet firmware with the Minim unum service preconfigured or is it an completely rewritten opensource image?

Everything (mesh especially) will work just as it normally does under the standard Gl.iNet image?

If it is just the standard Gl.iNet firmware with the Minim service added, can you just upgrade using standard Gl.iNet testing firmwares and Minim support will remain (assuming you dont do a complete “reset” when you upgrade) ?

Looks very promising! :slight_smile:

It is Minim firmware, not GL firmware with Minim service, although we tried to do this. But finally we decided that it should just be another product.

This is actually a commercial collaboration and now the product is only for business users.

We are working with Minim to release an community version of this and it should be available for AR300M. If you think this is interesting for you we could push a little bit.


I ended up having a quick 2 hour play with this on the B1300. Looks promising but boy is the standard Minim supplied OpenWRT interface ugly :slight_smile:

If you really want to manage your network remotely it’s looking pretty good. Personally as you say it looks great for commercial customers but kinda overkill for the consumer ( much like the Meraki equipment/interface I had for my home network for a while).

While if you do not overkill pls just use our Goodcloud which provide you remote management without traffic analysis etc.