Minimum requierments for Main-Node?

Hi, i am new to this topic and need some advise.

Here’s what I’d like to accomplish:

I have 3 sites.

Site A has a Windows PC and a network printer.
At site B and C there is only a network printer.

The Windows PC must be able to print to all 3 network printers. The network should also connect automatically. (e.g. after a power failure or restart of the PC).

I now had the idea to use 3 GL.Inet routers and to link them via GoodCloud. Will this work as desired and are there minimum requirements for the routers? For example, would 3 Mango (GL-MT300N-V2) be enough or do i need a better model as main-node?

Any routers are OK.

The only requirement is that you need to have at least one public IP that is used to create the S2S network.

Thanks for the hint with the public IP!
I would have overlooked that.
Would there be other possibilities? Maybe DDNS?

At the moment all sites are using a normal home router with dynamic/private IP…

DDNS also need you to have a public IP address.

Hi PapaWolle,
are you sure you even need the ‘Good Cloud’? Your requirement looks to me, that you’d like to have one VPN server and two VPN clients.
This will work with Wireguard perfectly, even with DDNS. Since every second device is providing a ‘DDNS Service’ today, it should not be difficult to piggyback on one if it. AVM, Instar, Qnap, … it works most of the time, even if the main service of the device is not enabled (especially important for QNAP, that should not be available in the internet, these days).

Wireguard is my choice with GL.iNet, but every other provided VPN (such as OpenVPN) could work, as well.