Minor issues with GL.iNet app 1.3.0 (115)

Just updated to the latest version of the app and noticed a couple of small discrepancies.

On my Mango, I run a WireGuard client with the Kill Switch set on:

But the app shows it as off:

With the SlateAXT1800, the network page says that I, at some point, switched the WAN to LAN, which I haven’t, and I can set it back. Except, it already shows WAN and is also not selectable:


Thanks for your feedback.

I noticed that the switch on the App is disabled, are you managing the device with GoodCloud?

If you managing the device with GoodCloud, you can’t modify last available connection. This is to prevent disconnecting the device from the GoodCloud.

There have a UI bug. The hint should explain the above reason, where another text is incorrectly displayed. We will fix it.

No, all these are reported against the Cloud Viewer functions.

Was just updated to version 1.3.0 (116).

Now, the cloud display for my Mango no longer shows any VPN information. The Slate AXT-1800 still does.

I understand that’s it’s not managing the device, only displaying the current state. But showing that a VPN is still connected is something I want to monitor.

The feature is not available for version 3.x yet.

Ha every time you update the app you take something else away.

Build 115 displayed the current state of the VPN for both my Mango and AXT-1800.
Build 116 removed that for the Mango.
Now build 117 has removed it from the AXT-1800. And the complete Plugins list.

Yeah, I know it’s only a display and can’t be updated/started/stopped, but it allowed me to verify that the VPN was still up/running remotely.

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In fact, Build115 shows it as a bug and the cloud don’t support VPN status queries for 3.x firmware yet.

This a bug, It’s just a serious bug that has been fixed in the new official release (Build 118).