Missing control for NAT & UPNP settings

Good morning, i am trying to set up GL-X3000 model with XBOX but having issues with chat on xbox, believe need to change something in NAT or UPNP settings but dont seem to be available in menu on admin portal, can you help please

UPNP isn’t available for security reasons.
You might need to open additional ports and forward them to your XBOX: Xbox Support

Please keep in mind that cellular connections won’t be able to use open ports. So it might depend on your ISP as well.

So the router is set up with a sim with unlimited data, i have tried opening the ports in port forwarding but xbox still said that the NAT was set to restricted.

Looking at guidance docs it looks like there should be a tab in admin portal for NAT settings but i dont have it

No chance due to CG-NAT.

So what do i need to do to get this router working with XBOX and fix the NAT/UPNP issue please

You can’t while using cellular network.

Cellular is only method I have, is there any way to turn on the UPNP with your routers. Do i potentially need to return router (only had for few weeks) and get an alternative router that does allow UPNP

No, it’s not a router issue - it’s a general issue with cellular connections.
You can’t open ports while using a cellular connection, see:


If we had UPNP turned on though we would be able to have XBOX working?? Can we use Luci tools for the UPNP setting to make this work?

As I said before: No, this won’t help.
You can’t get a better NAT for XBOX while using a SIM card.

Not sure if this can solve your issue but at least you can try.

You need to use firmware 4.6.0 snapshot.
In network->NAT type you can change to Full Cone NAT.

Although there maybe Carrier Grade NAT from the carrier, but it it worth to change to Full Cone NAT on the router first.

Then you may need to think about using a VPN which you may have control and bypass the carrier NAT. But the configuration is not easy.

Thank you for this my router is on Firmware version 4 and states up to date, how can i change it up to 4.6 Version?

The menu you mention is not visible currently, maybe it will be with later firmware version?

You will find the snapshot here: GL.iNet download center

Warning: Snapshots are mostly a bit buggy.

I have the same situation and the same questions. However, i have got round the problem by buying a VPN and enabling that before gaming. Changes the NAT type to 2. Hope that helps.