Missing French mobile provider (Free Mobile)


I have bought a LTE USB stick and my mobile provider is Free Mobile.

In the setup of AR300M, I only see 3 providers for France : SFR, Bouygues and Orange.

How can I fix my problem ?

Where can I find technical informations for this provider and where can I set them in my AR300M ?

Free probably piggybacks off one of those you list - you need to ask them for the settings not here!
And it seems you have already found where to put the settings in the ARM300m

I have solved my problem :

  1. The E3372 is a host-less modem, which means it appears as ethernet interface. So no need to configure it in my AR300M, it's plug&play.
  2. The IP of the E3372 is ... same IP as AR300M. So I have change the LAN IP of my AR300M.
Now everything is working fine, I manage my E3372 on (connection, PIN, ...) and my AR300M on an other subnet.

Thank you for reporting back - others please take note of this courtesy!


Maybe this feedback can be added to official documentation ?

Thanks for the prompt reply by the way

good to find another device using default

Yes this is a problem. We have this problem as well because we have a lot of our own device and we have to change LAN ip manually.

A strategy is to change own IP address if wan IP is in the same subnet. But need to visit the page using domain, not using IP. Also need to consider about bridging.