Missing mt7628.ko for LEDE 17.01

Using device GL-MT300N-V2.

I built OpenWRT/LEDE from source as found here: GitHub - gl-inet/lede-17.01: Cloning from https://git.lede-project.org/?p=source.git;a=summary and adding patches for GL's new devices to lede-17.01. (Branch: lede-17.01)

The resulting firmware uses kernel 4.4.92. However, wifi does not work, because there is no mt7628.ko in /lib/modules/4.4.92/

I tried the image builder: GitHub - gl-inet/lede-imagebuilder-ramips-mt7628: Imagebuilder for ramips mt7628.. That produced a build that did include mt7628.ko, presumably based off packages/mt7628-binary_1_mipsel_24kc.ipk.

However, the kernel version for that is 4.4.93, so I cannot use the mt7628.ko in the imagebuilder with the full source.

It is surprising to me that the the main GL-inet LEDE repo didn’t build a usable image. Can anyone provide the mt7628.ko binary for kernel 4.4.92, or advice for how to get it?

I could just use the imagebuilder, but I’d like to leverage the package dependency management of buildroot via make menuconfig if possible.

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LEDE is open source. The MTK proprietary code cannot be added to LEDE.

If you use LEDE you can use opensource driver for MT300N-V2. It works but buggy.

You can refer to this repo mtk-openwrt-feeds. Which is maintained by MediaTek’s developer. It includes the binary driver of mtk chipset.

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This looks like it should be perfect. Thanks so much, I’ll give it a shot!