Missing package Repositories in 2.264 returning 404 not found

I’m using an AR-300M with firmware 2.264, and the opkg repository urls have been removed and they return 404 now.
Anyone knows where they moved it? Or did they simply deleted it? This will affect so many devices for such an inexpensive storage.

These are the default links configured in that version and that used to work not long ago:
src/gz chaos_calmer_base http://www.gl-inet.com/openwrt/ar71xx_nand/2.264/packages/base
src/gz chaos_calmer_luci http://www.gl-inet.com/openwrt/ar71xx_nand/2.264/packages/luci
src/gz chaos_calmer_management http://www.gl-inet.com/openwrt/ar71xx_nand/2.264/packages/management
src/gz chaos_calmer_packages http://www.gl-inet.com/openwrt/ar71xx_nand/2.264/packages/packages
src/gz chaos_calmer_oldpackages http://www.gl-inet.com/openwrt/ar71xx_nand/2.264/packages/oldpackages
src/gz chaos_calmer_routing http://www.gl-inet.com/openwrt/ar71xx_nand/2.264/packages/routing
src/gz chaos_calmer_telephony http://www.gl-inet.com/openwrt/ar71xx_nand/2.264/packages/telephony

I am configuring a router with firmware 2.264 that says that the updating service is unavailable, probably there are updates… but it can’t reach that repo either.
When I try to upload the latest firmware on the website it says “Error: Firmware is not for this hardware.”

I just want to know where did they move the old repos

Seems like they are gone. The new URL looks like this:


The 2.x firmware is no longer supported, you should upgrade to 3.x, there are a lot of vulnerabilities and issues in the old firmware.

But the newer firmware can’t be uploaded to the old boards like I tried. It says “Firmware is not for this hardware”.
By removing this I’m left with no choice, and fleet of routers that cannot be updated, nor can I install the needed packages which were working just fine.
Now when they are reset, I can’t reinstall anything and am left with a useless thing for our needs all because of this decision… they didn’t have to delete it, legacy stuff needs to keep running.

Do you know when this happened? No warnings were done either about discontinuation.
They didn’t even give us a chance to download these packages manually and install offline.

If anyone has a clone server or alternative of that repo, please post it

Did you update the routers to v3 from here?


And the non nand version:


I managed to get it flashed, but now my python install but don’t run in this new version.

Everything was working fine, it cost them nothing to keep the repository live… now it’s all broken. Packages install, but system dependencies are missing.
I will try the /testing ones too, but they only have for version 3.x.x, I’m sure it won’t work either.