Mixing VPN servers and clients

I am thinking about getting a GL.Net box for my parent’s house so I can help them remotely with networking problems.

My plan would be to put their current ISP provided router into modem only mode and then run the GL.inet box as the router, DHCP, etc etc. I would like to configure the box to have the VPN tied to the manual switch so than can easily switch between the VPN off and on.

However I would also like to be able to access the local network remotely over ideally OpenVPN, but perhaps wireguard.

Would it be possible to have the box run a OpenVPN server and client simultaneously?

Actually, you can do that in command line, but it can’t on the web admin page.

You can setting the switch button mode to VPN toggle.

Thank you for your reply

Thats interesting, I am happy using the command line but I find OpenVPN so clunky and mixing CMD and GUI configurations always scares me.
Would it be possible to have a VPN client and WireGuard server simultaneously?

While this is difficult at present, because it is difficult to clarify the routing policy.

Imagine a lot of people connect back to home to use local resources, they also want to access internet to use Netflix etc. So when you use vpn client and server at the same time it is hard to tell, if the connection on vpn server should go though vpn client. Technically you can do anything, but this makes the router hard to understand.

What I can suggest is, you can use the UI to set up vpn servers. Then use the switch to turn on or off vpn client. I have no idea of what is the consequences.