MNT-300N-V2 connection drops frequently

I have used a MNT-300N-V2 travel router almost daily for 18 months to connect work devices to untrusted Wifi access points. In general it has worked great. But in the last week, I’ve noticed my macbook connected directly to the router LAN port has been losing its DHCP connection to the router periodically. The device-side ethernet port is provided by an anker USB hub. While I cannot prove that this network interface is not the problem, I can confirm that the usb hub itself is not losing power – my usb headphones continue working with no interruption.

When this happens, the NIC loses its IP address. The link light stays lit, but the data light pulses once per second for a while. 10ish seconds later, I get a new DHCP lease and things go back to working.

Any thoughts on what might be going on? The router is powered by USB power from the same device, but this has been the case for 18 months and I’m only noticing issues in the last couple of weeks.

replace the USB cable - sounds like maybe the microUSB side might be wearing out - I would try that first…