Mobile signal network selection for MUDI V2


Is it possible to change the mobile network to other network just like in regular mobile phone?

I am using the GL E750v2


Can you describe it more specifically?

For example is I will using roaming in Europe and I want to connect to an specific network carrier, is it possible to do that using GL-e750v2

Check out the image as reference

Hello, the feature of locking the specific network carrier will be added to the firmware in the future and is currently not available.However, you can lock the network carrier through AT commands.

Can you help me out how to do that?

What is the command I need to write

It’s not that easy, you mostly need to figure it out by yourself. Starting here:

Hello, you can use this AT command.
The detailed introduction of AT commands is as follows:


Provide a use case:

root@GL-E750:~# gl_modem -B 1-1.2 AT AT+COPS=?       #Search for surrounding network carrier
root@GL-E750:~# gl_modem -B 1-1.2 AT AT+COPS=2,2    #Deregister from network
root@GL-E750:~# gl_modem -B 1-1.2 AT AT+COPS=1,2,\"46001\",7  #Manual operator selection
root@GL-E750:~# gl_modem -B 1-1.2 AT AT+COPS?  #Query the current carrier