Mode button toggle btw WDS and Router

I’m new here, and new to openwrt/GL.inet. I’m looking for some guidance for how to accomplish changing the functionality of the mode button to toggle between WDS and router mode. I have a GL-AR750S. I have found the script (usr/bin/switchaction), but am not clear how to proceed. I’m new to scripting, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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you can switch the network mode on the web UI

Yes, I’m aware of that. I would like to do it with the switch so that I don’t have to go into the UI every time I want to change modes.

You need to modify the script(/usr/bin/switchaction) yourself

Dude, I understand that. Please read my original post.

Did you get it? I remember that in older version 2.x the swich worked like you need. I didn’t know that script… (usr/bin/switchaction). If you have already resolved it, how did you get it?

Yes in v2.x you can do it using the switch button.

But how to do that in 3.x?

Also very interested in this.
Even a simple ‘Disable DHCP’ would be enough for me I think.

There is a solution now for v4.x: Gl-iNET AR300M Network Mode Toggle · GitHub

Though it involves a reboot each time the toggle is used and in AP-mode the MAC adress of the LAN port is used for both ports, instead of the WAN MAC adress when using the GUI “Network Mode: Access Point” option.