Modem and cell informations does not appears on the interface

I’m using an AR300M16 actually with the 3.212-0512 snapshot version and tested three modems.

These modems are:
Huawei K3715
Huawei E3372H-320
D-Link DWM-222 A2

Sadly only the first one supported by default with non-tethering protocol. The last two needs a modswitch configuration. But with modswitch they all capable for PPP. D-Link can also capable for QMI. No matter which modem I use the interface does not show any informations about the modems. Only data usage infos available. I’m not familiar with AT commands so I cannot check via terminal what infos are readable from the modems.

But I checked the D-Link with uqmi via terminal and looks like it can read any data from it. So it is possible to read. Then why the informations does not appear on the interface?

It is a snapshot build(ment to test stabilty, new features and problems that are fixed) maybe try a stable build or a beta build? Did you check things in LuCi or ssh?

The reason why I use the snapshots because the stable also not shows these infos. I already tested.

Did you check things in LuCi or ssh?

You should clarify your questions. Btw LuCi does not show more relevant infos. The DNS servers IP is the only advantage, nothing else shown on LuCI AFAIK.

Did you install luci-app-mwan3 used for load balancing and is access in LuCi?

To read the modem info is just a problem of compatibility.

Every modem need development. As these modems are external modems we didn’t do this job.

So only internal modems supported?