Modem recommendation for MT3000

Hallo, since today I have the GL-MT3000 (Beryl AX)
I don’t have time to test it, I need a USB modem for my trip in 3 days.
What can you quickly recommend to me that works for everyone so that I can order today.
DANKE in advance

Any old Android phone will work if you are unable to locate an actual USB modem.

It depends where you will use the modem.

In Europe there are different bands comparing with North America. If you buy a modem, it’s important for the modem to be the version of it that works in the region where you will use it

The modem is probably mostly used in southern Europe

For Europe a Huawei " E3372h-320" modem should work

You can find it on Ebay or Amazon

If you use it in roaming then tethering using an old Android phone or using a glinet lte router (like Mudi GL-E750 or Puli Gl-xe300) is preferable

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They already have the GL-MT3000 (Beryl AX) so my understanding was that they would be tethering a USB modem and thus my comment was that an Android phone will also work just fine for USB tethering to the GL-MT3000 (Beryl AX). And as you mentioned, whether using a modem or phone, it is important to get a device that is compatible with the cellular network that one will be using.

Will work better than a modem. Cheap modems usually are LTE Cat 4. Phones haven’t been that slow for a loooong time.

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The advantage of some modems is that you can lock the LTE band, which my can make a huge difference in certain locations where the network is overloaded (actually happens quite often)

Yes, probably. Also locking onto a specific BTS can help.

for your quick reply and purchase advice.

I bought the E3372h-320 and it works very well. It’s the HiLink version and there are supposedly no updates.
What would you do in my place, try to flash " maybe S" or is the risk of bricking too big?

“h” version is plug and play

“s” version is for advanced features and is not plug and play like hilink

Myself, I would keep things as simple as possible. I would use the HiLink version and if I would need something more advanced than it - I would use Mudi (GL-E750) or Puli (Gl-xe300)

Hello, @silkweb yes I understand that there are routers with built-in modems. I have now but bought this and must make the best out of it. I’m very satisfied so far. My english is not so good, I write here with online translator. There is also hardly any information on how to successfully flash a -320. I want to control the router over the internet. Can someone please tell me how I can reach the router via dyndns? It doesn’t work with hilink, I think it will work with nonhilink, since the huawei then works as a modem. There is a lot of information on the internet, unfortunately most of it is in English

If you want to control the router over the internet then you probably want to use either “Tailscale” or “ZeroTier”

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Most mobile carriers issue a CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT) IP address to your modem, not a true Public IP address. CGNAT IP addresses do not provide access from the public Internet through to your device and are normally in the range of to If so, you may be able to request a Public IP address from your mobile carrier at a higher monthly cost.

Per @silkweb, you can look into Tailscale or ZeroTier.

Another option is AstroRelay, if it is supported on the GL-MT3000.

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I have had mixed results… see here