modem_status_monitor is spamming cron.err my system log. Do I really need it?

My internet is rock solid. Is this needed for cable or fiber type modems? Or is that really put there for less stable connections? I.E. cellular or hotel wifi, etc?

FYI, I squelched the spamming by setting cron log level 9 (warn in luci).

What does it actually do if the internet drops?

Just curious.

I have also seen this. I could be wrong, but I suspect this is checking for cellular modem. Since I don’t have a cellular modem, and I want more info in the system log, just not these repetitive errors, I used the ssh CLI and commented out the 3 lines in /etc/gl_crontabs/crontabs.d/modem_status_monitor

#* * * * * . /lib/functions/;check_ip
#* * * * * sleep 30;. /lib/functions/;check_ip
#*/2 * * * * . /lib/functions/;modem_net_monitor

Before doing this, since my gl.inet device is behind a primary router, and I don’t use Multi-WAN, I tried disabling the internet status checking. This stopped the redundant pinging of, but did nothing to stop the above log errors.

Yes, there is a bug EVEN IF multiwan is disabled, the cron job does NOT close!


ps -STOP <pid#>

Once it is suspended it will have T status:

18214 root 1232 T /bin/ash -c sleep 30;. /lib/functions/;check_ip

I’ve suspended it for over a month and the modem is working fine!

Thanks for replying! Yeah, I tried that for a hour late last night off peak usage time and saw no issues with it.

But then I restored it and decided to post this question here to see why it is activated in case I missed something.

How long have you had this commented out?

Thanks for replying! So it is a function just for multiwan?


ps -STOP <pid#>

Will that survive a reboot? I’m still fiddling with this new router and rebooting alot for testing things.

I guess so and also it does monitor the hen the ip changes so that it can request a DHCP renew packet to the isp.

No. You can though script it easily just one linear.