Modificare La Modalità Proxy

I encountered many problems on the rules example based on client devices the rule causes the dual wan load balance not to work anymore

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I will test and give you feedback.

the 3 option i can include or exclude ip from the vpn but the load balance stops working on everything

option 6 could also have been valid but by entering the ip the vpn no longer has any effect on any device on the network

I have confirmed that this is a BUG and will fix it.

the problem was found in the choices highlighted in red. based on the client arises the problem of dual wan connection stop working. and option customize routing rules the problem of vpn stop working to all devices

option that you can choose is only 1 from this list this is understood but those highlighted in red do not work

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i installed the official version 4.2.0 but the vpn rules problem still exists

Yes, this has not been fixed in version 4.2.

please let’s solve the problem of telling which device to use the vpn and who not to use