Modules Compatibility with GL-M2 Development Board

Hello. Is M2 5G Development Board compatible with 4g LTE-A modules such as Quectel EM060k-GL? And also is it compatible with other routers with OpenWRT OS?

If my router doesn’t have USB port and only has LAN/WAN ports how can I connect this M2 Dev board to it and connect to the LTE internet?

I don’t know much about this, I don’t think GL has implemented compatibility with other devices and modules, but we can make the M2 compatible with other devices by tweaking the drivers ourselves?

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@h_azimi @millie
The M2 is just a USB converter. So it doesn’t need a special drive.

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M2 does not have this function.

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So does this converter works with LTE-A Category 6 modules such as Quectel EM060K-GL or only works with 5g modules? Or this compatibility depend on the hardware and software of the host router?

Yes,this compatibility depend on the hardware and software of the host router.

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I have purchased the gl-m2 board. I am trying to use a EM9191 5G Module on it.

Is the gl-m2 board suited for the EM9191 ?

I am not getting any USB detection after 60sec, event after pressing the reset.
I am trying to use the USB 3.0 interface, perhaps a strap is missing for the EM9191 and PCIe is selected instead.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Can you set your module to usb mode?


I was able to set USB mode with additional strap to M.2 Pin 20 and 22.

  • 20 : PCIe Disable needs a 1.8V pull up
  • 22 : VBus Sense needs a 3.3V (up to 5.25) pull up

Not very easy to solder on the M.2 connector.

I have USB 3.0 data showing up. Need to look at the software needed.


Hi kyklas:

You need set usb mode with EM9191 5G Module.


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I looked up AT+QCFG command and it is not listed as part of the AT command in the manual.

On the modem :


With the hardware straps, this works.