Momentary connection dropped with USB share

The GL-iNet routers drop network connection momentarily whenever I change the USB drive share settings. I can tell because all my download sessions broke immediately, and this behavior applies to GL-MT300N-V2, GL-AR300M and B1300. Can someone verify this for me, you can let me know if its operator error. Thanks!!

which download tool are you using? I tested using ping and observe no difference.

The firmwares are all 2.264 from online updates, download sessions are rapidgator, katfile and others via firefox through VPN tunnels on RJ45 connections. All GL-iNET devices are behind ASUS RT-AC3200 running Merlin firmware 384

I don’t have a clue. Do you have any update?

No new updates, I’ll just have to remember not to change the USB share setting when I am downloading. These GL-inet devices are pretty stable with VPN, keep up the good products!!