More DNS over TLS resolvers GL-MT6000

I manually added more resolvers for DNS over TLS on my GL-MT6000, but it would be very nice to be able to select more than 1 resolver for DNS encryption from the GUI as well as to be able to manually enter the IP address for additional resolvers.

Currently, it’s not supported via the main GUI, but you can install AdGuard and use the upstream servers there. Since you can disable filtering, it would be undoubtedly what you want to do.

This is not what I am asking for. If you look at the GUI design for DNS over HTTPS, the user can select many different resolvers. If you designed the DNS over TLS function in the same way, it would be a better function. Currently, for DNS over TLS the user can select Cloudfare or NextDNS but not both. That is it. That is not a lot of choice. I manually added Google DNS and Quad 9 on my GL-MT6000 router. Not every user knows how to do that. So yes, it would be of great benefit to expand the list of resolvers and that is frankly not a lot of design effort.

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Is there some reason you prefer DoT over DoH?

I installed dnscrypt-proxy2 to get full support. Flint v1’s 4.4.6-r1 doesn’t ship w/ the v2.1.x version.

Yes. With DoH a number of functions don’t work. Many browser referring links fail when DoH is used regardless of which resolvers I select.

With DoT you can add by UCI command more resolvers but it certainly should be possible to select more than one in a menu. DoT is also very light on system resources.

Wild. I run DOH through a resolver that then exits to Cloudflare & haven’t had such an issue… but then again, I’m really heavy handed on blocklists.

IIRC DOT is handled by stubby while DOH is via a dated version of dnscrypt-proxy if that helps. Dig around /etc/, you should see something for their respective confs.

root@flint:~# opkg list-installed | grep stubby
stubby - 0.4.0-3

Been using Stubby since it was first released as Fresh Tomato supported it right away. I have found Stubby to be reliable and light on system resources. Thanks!

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Yeah, agreed; it seemed pretty nice. I never know how hostile the network I’m on is going to be so I just assume they block :853 so DOH it is, in my case.

… but yeah, I’ve also been on GL’s case about much needed improvements on that GUI/feature but… they’re still pushing stable on OWRT 21.02 builds so…

Have a good one.

Have a good one, too!

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you can intall smartdns via luci or as a package :

This would also speed up your dns querty and use as many dns servers as needed

Could you use this in conjunction with Adblocking such as adguardhome?

The smart dns address would need to be in adguard upstream servers but usually it is not being used in this manner

What are you aiming to achieve. If it is adblocks then adguard home is best solution. If it is to speed up DNS resolution and at the same time use DNS over TLS or DNS over Https etc then smartdns.
Smartdns also have adblock lists but I found them limited

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