More than one router

Hi All,
ive purchased two additional routers to network on my existing wired lan network, at prescent i have
m1 netgear > Beryl WAN interface, LAN to network switch, branching to 3 old routers bridging on LAN with different Wifi ssid and passcode.

Im hoping to set m1 netgear > Beryl WAN interface, LAN IP to network switch > both Opal routers LAN IP and the other Opal LAN IP all with the same wifi ssid & password.
my question is set up that would allow to walk into different area’s and jump on the network with settings
Wi-Fi Name (SSID) “SAME On all routers”
Wi-Fi Security “SAME On all routers”
Wi-Fi Key “SAME On all routers”
SSID Visibility “set to shown”
Wi-Fi Mode “802.11b/g/n”
Bandwidth “SAME On all routers”
Channel “SAME On all routers”
also drop thw WAN interface for an extra LAN port. take it i have to click the “Using as WAN,change”
is this correct settings

think i have found most of the info in the docs section

If I understand correctly, you want 2 Opal’s (currently 3 old routers) because your house is too large for 1 Opal. If so, then I agree it is better to have both Opal’s connected to Beryl over WDS with the same unified SSID and password.

I am not in favour of inserting a switch into the communication chain because it is another single-point-of-failure, takes up space and requires a power adapter/electrical socket. It would have been nice to have more Ethernet ports LAN ports on the Beryl, but it is actually a compact travel router.

You can also consider setting up a mesh network and GL.iNet has models for a mesh.

You can set the Opals up as Access Points ( Advanced Setting → Network Mode). I like to then give them a static IP address from my source router (in your case the Beryl and to 2.3 and 2.4).

All your same/same is correct however each of the devices should actually be on a different channel so you don’t have channel overlaps e.g. 2.4Ghz Beryl Band 1, Opal1 Band 6, Opal2 Band 9

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how do you add wpa3
its on the Beryl, but absent on the Opal

There is no wpa3 on Opal.

why have it on the Beryl and not the Opal

The two routers use chipset from different chip manufactuers and they provide different SDK. What matters is the wifi driver.