Mt 1300 Admin Webpage access from Lan interface

Hi, i use two Beryl as site to site system on one site as wifi repeater an on my site as router. On my site i want to shut down the wifi but then i cannot access the local web interface. If i try to open the web site via the local ip adress it does not work. A portscan on the local ip shows 443 available

So what does the brower display?

For general guide pls refer to Can't access web Admin Panel - GL.iNet Docs

The browser says Err_connection_failed.
But i have the MT 1300 connected only with the wan
Port to my router. Do i have to use a lan port instead?

How does your pc connect to MT1300?

You need to connect to MT1300 via wifi or lan.

MT1300 ist connected with its WAN Port to the internet routers internal switch all the other local pc, server etc are connectet as well to the internet routers switch. SSH to MT1300 is also possible.

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i found the workaround , just put https://[yourwanipaddress] and then i can connect to the web ui of mt1300

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None of these thinks you are describing can i do with my 2 routers in goodcloud