MT-1300 as router

Has anyone had much luck using the MT-1300 as a “router” rather than the normal SOHO WAN + LAN with Wifi. Specifically using WWAN.

In my case I have 2 x MT-1300 connected to the house router, so each gets a IP address on their WAN interface (controlled by static DHCP lease). Each router, has a NAT rule to “not masquerade” when the destination is the other router’s LAN, and traffic rules to allow this. At the moment each has static routes to the other.

One router connects to the home router via 1GB ethernet.
The other connects via 5G WWAN.

All is great for the Ethernet connected router, but the the the MT-1300 connected by WWAN does not pass traffic to the LAN devices. All works for outgoing ok, so normal SOHO operation would not notice.

When inspecting the packets that should be forwarded to the LAN, observing, on the WWAN wifi itnterface of the MT-1300 the destination MAC Address is always ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff. comparing to tcpdump on the source MT-1300 router AN interface, and the correct destiation MAC address is used (the MAC of the WWAN interface of the other MT-1300).

If I put an MT300N-V2 connected to the home Wifi, and then connect the the 2nd MT-1300 via Ethernet, and remove the static routing, it all works fine.

What is causing the wifi to replace the MAC address with broadcast when the WAN is connected via WIFI? Anyway to switch it off?

Any help woud be appreciated, I hope its just a config, as this is a huge restriction on the MT-1300, I mean a router that cannot route!!! The horror.


I’m not sure what you mean.
Do you need to implement WWAN to LAN routing?
Or can you draw the topology of the IP network to help me understand what you mean?

Hello Dengxinfa

I do not own anywhere to host the “drawing”, I need to redraw anyway, as I have simplified my Network a bit, having just upgraded my Broadband to 1GB. This happened literally last night, and I realised the MT-1300 are a bit underpowered foe 1GB to the Internet, so I have decided to deploy them as wireless repeaters to extend wifi at at decent speed to other parts of the house.

I will investigate the phenominum further after I have redesigned the network to get decent speeds to all the flat(my aim is 200MB+ over wifi).