[mt-1300] how to get adblock to work

hey all!

so, I’m trying to setup adblock on my Beryl but I can’t for the life of me to make it work

apparently, all is well and I followed different tutorials here but it simply has to affect on the connection whatsoever

Here is my Adblock config:

I have only one domain just for the sake of testing

and here is my DNS config

as one can see, nothing special…

am I missing something?

I am running the latest firmware (3.215)

Uninstall from openwrt and reinstall from GL.iNet admin panel will be under plugins. Restart the router and turn on adguardhome. Next access adguardhome settings page and setup lists and DNS.

wait, I’m confused…

Uninstall from openwrt and reinstall from GL.iNet admin panel

that’s what I did in the first place, I installed adblock and luci-adblock from the gl.inet admin panel

Restart the router and turn on adguardhome

I don’t have adguard installed…I thought that adblock is a lighter solution…am I wrong? do I really need adguard installed?

Thats my bad I misread,thought it was adguardhome

Do you have anything in the logs? I remember it took me a bit to get it working but afterwards it all “made sense”.

Try running it just with the steven black list. That includes most of the rest anyway, but I think you’ve got way to much.

Otherwise looked ok to me.

thanks for the help, folks but nothing worked and I ended up going back to adguard, which takes beryl to the limit but whatever hahahaha