MT-3000 Beryl AX not working with huawei E8278 modem

I got a Huawei E8278 modem connected to my MT-3000 Beryl AX router and it can’t connect mobile network, It displays No sim card message in the admin panel.

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 15.01.48

You should be able to connect to the usb wifi… check that first and check it’s working properly first. Otherwise probably a reboot with the usb plugged in or not plugged in on reboot. My 4G usb works fine with flint and a couple other travel routers I’ve tested.

I have tested the 4g usb modem in windows and everything works. I am trying to use usbswitch based on some posts in the openwrt forums for the E8372 since there is not much documentation for the E8278 but it is not working in my GLiNet router.

I’m not sure you’re using the modem correctly. I believe it is a wifi device and not a USB device. It only draws power from usb. You must use the MT3000 in repeater mode, not tether or usb. You can use the USB port on the router to power the modem if you like but you connect to it via wifi, quite convinced of that.

It could be the model 4G usb stick. Perhaps it doesn’t give a network via usb and you could repeat the signal but that’s not how mine works when I’ve tested it.
When you connect via windows does give you a lan network?

Not all LTE sticks work successfully as a modem on GL.iNet routers. Huawei modems often come in 2 versions, as cellular modem or as tethering (Huawei HiLink). The HiLink versions tend to work better.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Even the Huawei modem works with GL.iNet stock firmware, the AT commands may not work.

So just try to set up manually and check.

When tested in a PC it got network via usb, no need to connect to the usb wifi.
I was able to run some basic AT commands using the router web interface, It answared Ok.
Tried to setup manually and didn’t work. Do I need a set of commands?

That sounds to me like the gli router doesn’t recognise it as a usb modem due to software so it’ll only provide power. You’d have to continue this with a gli admin or something.

Yeah. I have a contact who uses a 4G USB stick with the Flint full time. Been working fine for him.