MT-3000 Change IP/DHCP range

Am I able to change the ip range of the Beryl AX?
I want to set a Static IP to the LAN as
and the gateway -Beryl AX- as
I want to be able to set the AX to an IP range of a /30 with 2 available leases.
Can I do that with the AX on the main UI or the WRT UI?
Also, how can I have it to where the AX does nothing with the traffic and just acts like a modem in bridge mode?
Basically, I just want this guy to operate as a device that connects to a network be it from a hotel wireless or LAN, and provide internet to the primary router. I will also need the interface to change any WAN options for all those situations.

In der OpenWrt GUI you are able to change ranges as you like, since the GL GUI is only for /24 subnet.

But: 21.x.x.x isn’t a private IP space. You should not move to this one. See Private network - Wikipedia

From main UI you cant do this, but from LuCI its easy

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Sorry, But I can’t use the ones mentioned there I’ve had to change the range b/c that’s what the hotel used for a landing page. This range was also so the only lease available was reserved for the head router without the conflicts. Funny enough I already ran into the situation where in the 15+ hotels I’ve been to they used 10. 172. and 192. and couldn’t get to the landing page without changing mine. since the AX is only being used as an over-glorified modem I chose 21. As there’s little to no chance some IT guy chooses that for their IP range, I can just authenticate the page to gain connection for all the main router. Thanks anyway

Well, the range belongs to the United States Department of Defense - Wikipedia

It‘s just bad practice to use reserved IP ranges, even if there might nothing happen.

I think you could make LAN network range 192.168.x.1 / 255 for beryl ax and gateway IP address in hotel. Make sure not match between range between beryl ax and hotel gateway.