MT-3000 continually blinking blue

Hi guys, For some reason, my Beryl AX has started to continually blink the blue LED. I’ve set it up as an access point for use as a dedicated router for a Flight Simulator and until a couple of days ago all was well. Although I’m still able to connect to the WiFi band (160) and run the game, the latency has started to be somewhat erratic. I’ve tried a reset (twice) but the problem persists. Any idea what it is that’s causing this?

The router using ping to detect internet. When ping does not go throught, it flashes blue.

Is this continuously or only sometimes?

Maybe find out why the traffic is jammed first.

Thank you for the response. The blinking is continuous, and router has an internet connection. I confirmed this by disabling the other nic in my PC which is configured to access WAN and was able to browse without any problems. The Beryl is connected to my ISP router via a switch. My Quest 3 is the only device connected to wifi on the Beryl (I use ‘Allowed’ MAC address method of access.) I’m at a loss to understand what has occurred.

Maybe you can turn of the interface status tracking, as in this thread

I’ve decided that it can blink all it wants. I’ve reset and re-configured the router and it seems to working well enough. Thanks for the input chaps.

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I’ve got the exact same situation. Just hard wired the Beryl AX and it’s working great but the blue LED continues to blink.

I think the solution to my blinking LED (and remember, I’m using an Allowed list method of connections) was to allow the MAC address of everything on my LAN including the ISP provided router. Since I did this, my LED is no longer blinking.