MT-3000 Wifi Drops Randomly when using VPN

I’m running a mt3000 ( was on 4.4.6, now trying 4.20 to see if that fixes problems).

  1. Openvpn won’t run pulls up an error when connecting. Same config works on a slate. Seems like a bug on the nordvp Setup. This is fixed if I go to previous version 4.20. bug Also exists in 4.5 beta.

  2. On 4.46 when running wireguard vpn on policy mode for different vlans the wifi stops working and only the 2.4 private network comes back up. So have to go in manually a turn other 3 on. In 4.5 it goes down but all 4 comes back up 1 minutes later. This happens randomly but all seems to happen at the same time based on network traffic. For example one spot in a TV show on firestick on appleTV+ it always restarts. Works now on 4.20.

Configured with vlans on and

All works on old slate-750 just slower connection.

EDIT: Retitled to include VPN

Both your issues also relate to VPN, not just Wi-Fi. Please retitle.

SSH into the device & logread &/or logread -e netifd. Post the output.