MT-300A multiple issues

I bought my GL-MT300A router around 6 weeks ago and have been bringing it travelling with me china/hong kong/india however I’m having multiple issues hoping you can help. When the device works its pretty awesome. however the wifi is constantly dropping, when it does I need to reboot the device to reconnect and it works for a period of time. Also my password stop working randomly, it says incorrect wifi password when it is correct! if I reboot the device it works so I’m not sure the problem. Another problem which is happening frequently is the local site http://192,168,8,1 stops working and I need to do a hard reset otherwise I cant access the interface to configure. Any clue why? I’ve tried to do a firmware upgrade with the same version, and also many factory resets.

any help is greatly appreciated.

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What power supply are you using?

I’ve tried multiple ones, iPad power supply . Also a few other ones including Samsung, and power supply from google chrome

If it were mine, I’d try a re-flash (not saving any settings).


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Thank u glitch! I’m having a similar issue with admin passwords, random lockouts from the main gui and luci, password related only; both sometimes wont let me login so i must factory reset; ill try re-flashing.

Update: some of my issues were fixed using a different browser.

Are you using IE? Don’t use IE, which is a strange browser. So many versions and you never know what is the problem.