MT-300N-V2 and Two-Step Captive Portal

I bought my MT-300N-V2 to be able to share an internet connection from a captive portal environment. This used to work just fine with the initial captive portal I had access to, where there was a simple login screen that I could log-into via the MT-300N’s network connection.

However, the organization has changed captive portal technology and now, after I enter my credentials, I get a message “You are close to getting internet access. Click on the CONFIRM button to continue.” This works when directly accessing the native network, but when trying to execute this via the MT-300N’s network, I get re-directed back to the login/credential screen!

It’s almost as if this new captive portal technology is detecting what I’m doing and is protecting against it?

Given how technically savvy the MT-300N-V2 is, I’m sure there’s a way around this, but I myself am not technically savvy enough to know what to do next. Any ideas?


Go to internet settings>dns settings and uncheck rebind protection and see if that helps.

Thanks Glitch. However, in my MT-300N-V2’s interface, I do not see internet settings… Where would this be? FYI - I’m not using a PC to do this. thx.

If you are using an old firmware version, pls upgrade