Mt-300N V2 Share WAN


I am trying to setup a WAN share so that I can see it in the network where the main router is but the WAN button in the page gets unchecked automatically . The share works in the GN-Net share.

Any ideas?

After a reset and an install of the sharing packages now even the LAN sharing does not work.
I do not have Luci installed as it would use too much space.

Still no luck with this. The file sharing installation failed but then the html page shows the form as it is installed. Would you know the ssh commands / package name to remove and reinstall?

I suggest you do another factory reset on the router and start fresh again. The GL.iNet firmware should already have all the required Samba packages, without having to install additional packages for file sharing.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Thank you - reading another post I connected via SSH and did:

opkg remove gl-files-browser
opkg remove samba36-server
opkg remove ntfs-3g

Then I used the interface to install file sharing and now it all works perfectly. For the records I do not have Luci installed.

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Actually, samba36 supports SMB2.0 if you modify /etc/samba/smb.conf.template via SSH.

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Thank you! The samba36-server package was there as it was re-installed via the main interface.
I have followed the instruction to update the template so now i should be on Samba 2.