MT-300N V2 Support Sierra Wireless EM7455

I havent been able to find any information online about this, I am wondering if this router would support the sierra wireless em7455 m.2 modem in an external usb enclosure such as this:

I know there is support for this modem in Rooter GoldenOrb firmware and I currently have it working in a custom router with that firmware.

Just want to know if this router and its default firmware supports this, any information about this would be great.

If it is not hostless, it may not be supported directly. But I suggest that you choose one router which has ROOter firmware, like AR150, AR750, AR750s etc. so at least you will have ROOter firmware to use.

btw, Is EM7455 has anything in common with MC7455, which is their PCIe module. It is supported in all of our 4G routers by default.

The EM7455 is essentially identical to the MC7455 other than the fact its interface is m.2 instead of mini pcie. The MT-300N also has ROOter firmware available, I just much prefer the interface of the default firmware. If the MC7455 is supported by default then id assume support is there for the EM version as well. Is there a list of modems supported anywhere?

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First you need to find out how to convert form m2 to USB.

There is a list but not updated recently.

I’m about to try this with a gl-inet AR300M

with m.2 modem Sierra Wireless EM7455

and a m.2 to usb enclosure (with antennas and a sim slot)

if I’m following you @alzhao if the modem is here : ROOter by Of Modems and Men

Then it should work with my AR300M since it’s also using the ROOter firmware ? or do I need to flash it to run that over the gl-inet default setup ?

For MC7455 it is supported in our stock firmware.

But I suspect that EM7455 will have different USB device ID because it is a different model anyway. The manufacturer should change the device ID at least.

When USB device ID is changed, drivers may need to add. The USB drivers actually identify device by USB device ID. It may be just a line of code but need to be there.