MT-6000: Run VPN Server & Client at the same time?

Hi Everyone,

I have not seen a support page specifically for the GL-MT6000, but looking at the Setup WireGuard Server on GL.iNet routers it says:

Note that you can’t running VPN Client and Server at the same time, and also can’t running OpenVPN Client and WireGuard Client at the same time.

However, in the settings of the MT6000: VPN Dashboard > VPN Server > Global Options
. . . there is a switch labelled: Enable VPN Cascading
The info icon says: If this option is enabled, when both VPN server and VPN Clients are running on this router, clients connected to the VPN server will also be routed to the VPN Client tunnel.

Does this mean that, on the MT6000, if have a VPN Client at location “A” connected to location “B’s” Wireguard VPN server, and that server has “Enabled VPN Cascading”, AND, the MT-6000 at location “B” also has a VPN Client running and connected to location “C” . . . . does that mean the Client at location “A” will be routed through location “B” automatically and have access to Location “C’s” network?
Would, or could, it potential have access to Location “B’s” network too?

Thanks for the help.

These are docs for firmware 3.x which is outdated. The newer 4.x docs don’t contain this warning and using WG server and client the same time should work fine.

Any devices connected to the GL device via its WG Client (Flint v2 in this case) which is also serving as the WG Server should forward that traffic to whatever VPN server it is connected to under the Flint v2’s GL GUI → VPN Dashboard.

TL;DR: VPN Cascading sets up the routes automatically. It should Just Work™.