MT1300 Advanced settings

I’m upgrading from the 750 to the MT1300. I find the MT1300 more difficult to use when going to the Advanced Settings. On the 750, you would click the menu option and go directly to the login on a new tab of the browser. For the 1300, you first have to download a package. Once you download the package, a link shows up. When you click the link, the Advance Settings shows up in the same browser tab. No way to easily go back to the main page. Please make the 1300 work the same as the 750 when it comes to setting up and using the Advanced Settings

After install luci, you do not need to do it 2nd time.

You can use mouse middle button to open a new window.

I understand that you don’t need to install luci a second time, but on the 750, when you click the menu for Advanced Settings, it automatically opens luci in a new browser tab. Now, with the Beryl, you click the menu, then a link appears, then you have to know to press Ctrl-Click on the link to open in a new browser tab. This is NOT user-friendly. I’m trying to provide instructions for people that are not experts. When steps are unnecessarily difficult, it confuses others and makes them not like a product. I would suggest the product behave exactly like the Slate when it comes to Advanced Settings.

Odd, because the link does have “_blank” set, so it should open in a new tab.

Anyway, to go back is easy enough with the back button.

The MENU on the left column has “_blank”, but that only opens the frame on the right that shows the link for luci. That link does NOT have “_blank” and is the only way to start luci. I would recommend testing the Slate to see how it functions and copy that. Perhaps it did not install properly, which would be a whole different problem but greater.

Sure it should be a simple change and would bring some benefit.