MT1300 Beryl DNLA

Hey guys,

I’m having issues with the Beryl DNLA, I no longer see the files of connected Hard drive.
I had this issue originally so I did a factory reset.
After taking while to scan through the media on the drive. I wanted to check the progress & couldn’t see anything. The drive still shows up but nothing can be seen, not even a list of the folders/files.

Also if I plug a USB drive into the USB port it deactivates filesharing & multimedia sharing.

Any help is appreciated.


Can you reset the router and start over?

The drive name is there and seems it is just a name that the router stored. The drive didn’t mount so all files are not there.

SSH to the router and check if the driver is mounted or not, use the following command

ls /dev/

Thanks for coming back to me.
I had to look up ssh…
it comes up with
df: /mnt/My\040Passport: No such file or directory

How do i get it to find the files? Sorry i’m a Noob…I did have a search but i really don’t know what i’m looking for tbh

Thanks again.

Oh & I factory reset the router & the same thing…I did see the remount -ro but am to dumb to know what to do with it…

For ssh, pls check SSH to the Router - GL.iNet Docs

I have SSHed into the router, it comes up with
df: /mnt/My\040Passport: No such file or directory

once i do your 3 commands

The 3 commands I give you, has a lot of output, can you pls post?