Mt1300 beryl how to isolate clients?


When I am using luci to manage the wifi, I cannot make any changes. I have a another router from Gl.iNet and I can make these changes via luci, specifically enabling isolate clients and other configuartions not available in the normal admin panel.

Try this one

uci set wireless.mt7615e5.noforward='1'
uci commit

uci set wireless.mt7615e2.noforward='1'
uci commit

Will the future update allow these changes via luci because I think I will sell this router if I have to always do this via CLI and is there documentation, so that I can make other changes?

Unfortunately luci does not support the wifi driver. For MT1300 you need to use the above shell command. I have no more documentation.

AR750S is the best support openwrt router and luci is compatible.