MT1300 (Beryl) - no radius auth?

I’ve just taken delivery of an MT1300, which I’m trying to add to a network of Slate APs.

The good news is that it seems to enable MUCH faster wifi than the Slates - in my case, ~200 Mbps (with gigabit ethernet and a 315 Mbps WAN), vs. ~100 Mbps using a Slate as an AP.

However - the Slate APs all use WPA Enterprise, in order to have a single Radius server doing auth. I can’t seem to configure the MT1300 to use a Radius server. It doesn’t appear in the GL.Inet admin panel, or in the Openwrt Wireless settings. I’ve tried adding ‘auth_server’ and ‘auth_secret’ to /etc/config/wireless, but without success.

I tried upgrading from 3.203 to beta 3.211 (2021-12-14). No difference.

So - can an MT1300 access a Radius server for wifi auth? If so, where and how should iit be configured?


The MT1300 does not support EAP authentication .

Thanks Limbot. I’m sure we would all appreciate more of an explanation; can you tell us more?

I understand that GL.inet’s Admin Panel can’t add a Radius server. But the wifi SOC supports EAP, as does Openwrt.

MT1300 uses the Mediatek MT7615 wifi chipset, whereas Slate (and other Gl.inet products?) use Qualcom wifi SOCs. So obviously a different driver for the chipset. But apart from that surely all the wifi up/down/config stuff consists of uci calls made by standard Openwrt.

If the EAP calls to the chipset are missing from the current version of the driver I guess that would explain it. If that’s not the case, could a competent developer familiar with uci expect to be able to enable Openwrt’s Radius code?

Thanks in advance for any more detail you are able to add.

You are connecting MT1300 to your Radius server. I am not sure if it works.

MT1300 does not support connecting to existing EAP wifi network as repeater. But it does not mean it cannot support EAP network.

The problem is that this is not added in the wifi driver either. I have noticed developer to see if they can add support in next firmware release.

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I would be very interested in enterprise/radius auth support for the Beryl as well. Thank you!


Do you know the likelihood that this will be implemented on the Beryl? – If not, I presume that the Opal supports Enterprise Auth/Radius?

I’ve also thought about buying a Opal or Sale for this support. However, the Beryl would be preferred since it has better performance.

Unfortunately, the best choice is AR750s because it uses fully open source wifi driver. Both Beryl and Opal will not support.

We prefer to have another model which support fully open source wifi driver in the form factor of MT1300.