MT1300 Beryl Slow Connection Speed

After the WiFi configuration of MT1300 Beryl, I found that my Windows 10 computer has great speed with or without the VPN connected. HOWEVER, all my Chromebooks and my Android devices are extremely slow (with and without VPN). My Windows 10 computer hits around 90 Mbs while all the others are lucky to hit 19 Mbs. This is from a router that normally breaks over 100 Mbs. So, is there a setting that needs to be set for Chromebooks and Android devices?

Hello mate, I’m using Beryl at work and I’m hitting 85+mbps over TrustZone WireGuard Protocol on my Google Pixel (via 5GHz) and Desktop (LAN).

Are you using Beryl as a repeater or LAN? and which VPN and protocol are you using?

Multiple Chromebooks, android devices and Mt1300s running in WISP repeater mode here. Don’t even use windows at home these days only for work. Beryl connected via 2.4 to source router and WLAN via 5 GHz. In Australia so source is only around 50Mbps but only lose around 1-2 Mbps.

Maybe the band setting? Have you setup the correct country code for WiFi via LUCI?