MT1300 Beryl wifi timeout every 45 secs

I’m using MT1300 as a travel router. I am able to use it as a router when connected to hotel LAN. However every 45 seconds or so, there’d be a blip in ping time. If I ping the router’s IP address, I’d see a timeout repeating every 45 seconds.

Has anyone encountered this issue and find a fix? my MT1300 is now on firmware 3.203 (2021-08-09 16:28:30)

You connect the Ethernet cable to the WAN port of MT1300, right?

Does the hotel has a captive portal?

There is a timeout every 45 seconds but it will be normal thereafter?

If this happens you can ssh to the router and use “logread” to get the log?

yes directly connected using ethernet cable to the hotel ethernet using WAN port.
There’s no captive portal on the WAN interface and the timeout happens every 45 seconds continuously, it’s evident when I ping the router on my mac (and my ipad and iphone) from wifi, timeout every 45 seconds or so.

ssh into the router running logread -f shows nothing.

BTW, using the OOPS firmware that you posted seems to remediate the issue, I suspect it may be a WIFI driver issue in the current stable firmware?

Thanks for the info. This is very useful.