MT1300 Constantly Reboots

I’ve had the Beryl for quite some time now, and use it as a travel VPN router. Until last night. everything was fine. I am staying at a new hotel, and every 30 minutes to 1 hour, it reboots itself.

I’m not hugely techy, and not sure how top get logs and such. But I am on the most up to date firmware if that helps.

Any feedback or suggestions, or request for further information, would be appreciated.

I’ve been having this same problem. It’s been pretty stable until I connect and enable the OpenVPN client and the VPN policy. Then it will start randomly rebooting.

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Good to know it’s not just me…@Tytanium

I also thought is was my VPN, but I’ve had it turned off for several days, but the rebooting keeps happening.

Is there someone we should be emailing about this? I thought customer service/tech support might comment here, but so far nothing…

So are you using repeater only, without turnning on any other functions?

What is the firmware version?

Can you check this post and use the firmware which mentioned in that post?

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I connect Beryl to a hotel’s wifi, then connect to the VPN onboard the device, then let my devices connect to Beryl.

Version number is 3.203.

“Can you check this post and use the firmware which mentioned in that post?”

Sorry, check which post?

Probably this with the new driver: GL.iNet download center

Working fine for me.


Yes. You are my saver.

@elorimer Thanks for sharing the link. But when I go to the page, it’s just white with the Gl-inet logo and nothing else. What am I missing? Do you see something else when you go to that page?

Edit: Ah, OK. I see there is a new place for downloading firmware now. I’ll go ahead and download from there!

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I’ve got the same problem with an average of two restarts per day on a quite standard configuration. My device is connected through a LAN cable and my PC is also connected to the device the same way. I have all the functionalities turned off with the sole exception for a 5Ghz WiFi to which I connect my phone. My firmware version is 3.215 (the latest stable as today).