[ MT1300 ] DNS doesn't change in UI

Issue: DNS doesn’t change on UI (but changes when run dns leak test)
Expected result: When change DNS, displayed DNS to be changed
Actual result: When change DNS “Custom DNS Sever” setting to Cloudflare or NextDNS, DNS record displays on “Internet” UI is still my internet provider DNS.
“What has bee done to fix it”: Ethernet cable connect, router reboot.

Tested on 3.215 3.211

Which router do you have?

MT1300, update header

That is what it supposed to display.

The DNS from your ISP will always displayed on the Internet status page which shows your ISP info.

In 4.0 we changed DNS display a lot.

that is cool, when v4 coming out ?

For MT1300 firmware V4 will be later. I still don’t have any confirmed timeline.