MT1300 firmware 3.201 DNS Issue

after upgrading firmware, whenever I set a custom DNS or use cloudflare, 90% of websites does not load and getting “server not found”.
as soon as removing DNS, it’s all working fine again.

What’s in the log ? Is your device time synchronized ?

where can I check the log?
Yes, It’s time is correctly synchronized .

You can check which DNS is realy used by follow:

The follow possible DNS leak looks like it can be, no or not only the in gl router configured DNS server like cloudflare are used …

I always use Adguard DNS, I had no issues before firmware upgrade for MT1300 and currently it’s working perfectly fine on AR300M.

the issue is not from Adguard DNS, cause cloudflare not working either! (after upgrade)

Again, check which DNS you realy use. That can be different to what you configured and think you are useing…