MT1300 firmware verification fail

when I try and upgrade my MT1300 firmware , either from the WEB UI or the download page I get the .bin file

both ways get verification fail , and local tells me it is the incorrect firmware format

reading a post on the AR750 it says that the .tar file is needed - and I can not find a .tar on the MT1300 downloads page

Can you verify the md5 hash of the firmware file you download?

MT1300 only has .bin firmware.

MD5 ac89bf826792e58a681d58521569b677

Ahh , I think you need to upgrade to 3.105 and then upgrade to 3.211. It was a known “glitch” a while ago.

@alzhao appears that 3.105 isn’t on the download site, may need to get someone to upload for those still on much older firmwares.

Alternatively you could download 3.211 and reload via uboot.

thanks for the answer - just need a download of 3.105

is there any way to ping a GL-inet tech and ask for it to be added to their download page ?

I’ve tagged in Alfie in the previous post and I’m sure he’ll fix once he sees alternatively you could also perhaps send an email to the help desksupport(at) and see if someone picks the job up faster.

3.104 cannot upgrade to 3.203 only happens on Slate AR750s I think. Not MT1300.

Ahh sorry @alzhao and @amtowghng bum steer from me :frowning:

well - sorry for wasting your time - but for some reason I thought I owned a Beryl

under instruction from Gl-inet I inspected the label - GL-AR750S

whoops - cringe