Mt1300 flash

MT1300 supports the memory card mounting system, but I can’t recognize the memory card, may I ask how to deal with it, and then brush the firmware into the memory card, because the storage is not much after the plug-in installation.

After you install the microSD card inside, the router does not recognise it?

What is the file format of the microSD card? If you want to install system on that, you may consider format it to ext4.

For installing firmware on the SD card or USB storage, pls consider exroot.

I am a little white, by looking at the tutorial. I was in SSH working state, executing fdisk, and using ext3 and ext4 for memory card formatting partition. But it is still invalid, the whole system partition is cloned, and the SD card boot is mounted, but it still cannot be recognized normally. And the SMB protocol transfers files, the built-in storage is very slow, 200kB./ card at 20M /s

You mean you have successfully set up exroot, but after reboot it does not work as expected/

Yes, still go into the original built-in storage system.