MT1300 on Extender mode keeps dropping connection

I configure my MT1300 in ‘Extender’ mode and it keeps dropping the connection to the router. It might last a few hours, days or a week but sooner or later it loses the connection. I use this setting so that I can connect my desktop PC to the router across the room (wirelessly).

The MT1300 has firmware 3.201 and the router is a Netgear R7000 with DD-WRT firmware. The router is setup in mixed mode (5G and 2.4G on the same SSID). I’m not sure what to try, should I change something on the router or is there a log on the MT1300 I can access that would help?

First thing I would try is setting the Netgear router to using a fixed channel, assuming it’s set to auto, which is usually the default.

There is also this article in the troubleshooting section:

Thanks Chris, I’ve set the channels manually on the router (also as suggested by support). Hopefully that will fix it.

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